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Our trip to Malta was a pre-trip before a cruise. As I have noted on other pages, we don’t like to worry about missing a flight or having a flight delay that may cause us to miss a cruise. For this trip, we really planned two pre-trip vacations. We had an extra vacation week from our timeshare that we did not want to lose, so we booked a week in Malta before our Med Cruise. And since we did not want to miss the cruise because of a flight delay, we also booked 3 days in Barcelona, after the trip to Malta and before the cruise. You will have to look elsewhere for the post about Barcelona, but the trip to Malta was really wonderful.
As you will see from the videos below, there are lots of places to visit on Malta. One thing to keep in mind is that you really don’t want to arrive late at night. Most of their street signs are about 15 feet high on the sides of buildings. Impossible to read at night. The signs at the round-a-bouts are good, but they only tell you the names of the various villages that you will get to when you chose a particular road. Yes, I did print out a great google sheet that pointed out various landmarks, but you could not see them in the middle of the night. What should have been a 20 minute drive to our timeshare, took us over 2 hours of going round and round from one round-a-bout to the next.
We made it and had a wonderful time, starting with the next day, when we could actually see where we were going. There were lots of sights to see, one of the best and most interesting was the bunker used in WWII to direct the invasion of southern Europe to drive the Nazis out of Italy. I watched a movie about that historical time. In fact, I did not know before hand, but what the Brits and the Americans learned from that invasion is what gave them the info needed for the invasion of Normandy just a few months later. If you are a Prime member, you can get the “Malta Story”, a 1953 British movie that will make the country come alive before you set foot on the island. After you have seen the movie, you will want to check out the bunker in Valletta.
History abounds in Malta. The oldest mesolithic era temples and artifacts are found on Malta. They are older than Stonehenge or other locations that we think of when we think of early man in Europe and Great Britain.
As noted on other Destination Pages, below you will find some useful videos that will give you some background info to view prior to your visit to Malta.
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