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If you are planning a river cruise in France, and want to connect to the local train service, here is the information that you need to make those connections. Hopefully you already have your Eurail Pass in hand and you are ready to go. Contact me if you need to book your Eurail Pass in addition to your River Cruise.

Calais 3.4 miles Shuttle bus operates from the Gare Ville to the port and returns, taking only about 11 minutes each way
Cherbourg 2.4 miles To reach the rail station, it is about a 40-minute walk from the ferry terminal. Clients should take a taxi.
Dieppe 1.2 miles Station is located on Blvd. Clemenceau, about 5 minutes by taxi or a 24-minute walk
Granville 0.9 mile Taxi about 8 minutes or an 18-minute walk
Le Havre 1 mile Le Havre’s train station is about a mile from the port although, in most cases, passengers will have to take the shuttle from the ship to the center of Le Havre and then a taxi to the station (or take a taxi directly from the port to the station).
Marseille 0.9 mile There are several harbors cruise lines can depart from, or arrive at, so it is best for clients to check with their cruise company. Most will have recommendations on transfers to the rail station.
Nice 2.3 miles Harbor is 2.3 miles from the Nice Ville station. There is a bus that operates every 30 minutes, for a 15 minute trip.
Ouistreham 9.3 miles The ferry terminal is 9.3 miles from Caen with a daytime shuttle bus service for foot passengers: about 23 minutes
Paris 0.6 mile Dinner cruise landing across the street from the foot of the Eiffel Tower, walk 12 minutes from Bir Hakeim Metro
Roscoff 0.6 mile It is approximately a 20 minute walk from the harbor to the train station.
St Malo 1.3 miles Clients should take a taxi to the rail station, approximately a 20 minute walk
Sète 0.9 mile Taxi about 10 minutes or a 18 minute walk
Toulon 1.4 miles Taxi about 7 minutes or a 25 minute walk