When Can I Book My Timeshare Week?

Last updated on April 19th, 2019 at 10:29 pm

If you can book out 13 months, see the calculator below. If it is 11 months out, click here. If it is 10 months out, click here.

Something to keep in mind when traveling during the time frame that you need to book next year’s timeshare week is to have a neat app on your telephone called “World Time Buddy” It will show you the time where you are and back home.

For example, while we are in Sidney, Australia in November, which just happens to be 13 months before next year’s Christmas vacation, I need to know when to book my condo. At home, I know that it is at 6:00 am Pacific time for my condo resorts, if it is a difficult to get location like Hawaii or maybe even Cabo San Lucas. The question is, when does 6:00 am pacific time happen when in Australia. Since they are on daylight savings time in November, that puts them 19 hours ahead, not 17 as would be expected if California is on Daylight savings time and Australia isn’t. With World Time Buddy, you put in your locations and the date and it tells you that 6:00 am in California on the 19th of November is 1:00 am on the 20th of November in Sydney. I guess I will be staying up late that night. The timing is not great for us since we are flying home from Sydney on the morning of the 20th of November. But, at least I know now that I have World Time Buddy on my phone.